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    Mekar Bhuana

    A family founded centre, our vision is to document and reconstruct rare or extinct Balinese gamelan music and dance. We achieve this through research and study, then we educate through workshops, lessons and performances.

    Our study programmes have been especially designed based on our extensive overseas teaching experience and knowledge to encourage awareness about the beauty and importance of these indigenous art-forms. Taking workshops and lessons with us supports our projects and research.

    The results of our projects are audio and video recordings as well as reconstructed performances using antique instruments. Hiring our troupes supports our ongoing documentation, reconstruction and study activities.

    Today at Mekar Bhuana

    Our historic performance at the Bali Arts Festival is on today and will feature a reconstruction of a version of a semara pagulingan piece which has not been heard for possibly more than 70 years. We will perform five-tone semara pagulingan music on our five-tone orchestra this time, as five-tone semara pagulingan orchestras have lost popularity over the past decade in Bali. For this year’s reconstruction project, we are really proud to work with a group of young, dedicated musicians that has really put their hearts and souls (with months of practices) to recreate the atmosphere of this wonderful and unique old-style music. Everything will be in the classical style: the instrumentation (including rare instruments), old formation, old-style costumes (with no uniforms like modern performers), and old-style playing techniques and nuances no longer heard in Bali today, creating an atmosphere as close as possible to how semara pagulingan was played before the 20th century.


    1. Tabuh Gari, Puri Payangan version, reconstructed from the Fahnestock recordings from 1941 with the lost pengecet section reconstructed from Colin McPhee’s notation in ‘Music in Bali’
    2. Lasem Pegambuhan, Kaliungu Kelod version, reconstructed from the memory of I Wayan Gunastra (now 89 years old) from Kaliungu Kelod, Denpasar.
    3. Semarandana, Pagan Kelod version, with kendang parts reconstructed from 1972 recording by Tilman Seebass and Danker Schaareman.
    4. Sinom Lawe, from Puri Gerenceng, reconstructed from the memory of two musicians from Gerenceng Village.
    5. Suduk Maru, Kaliungu Kelod version, reconstructed from the memory of I Wayan Gunastra (now 89 years old) from Kaliungu Kelod, Denpasar.

    Our performance will be the only classical semara pagulingan performance at this year’s Bali Arts Festival focussed on purely music, and it will have an interactive educational sequence about semara pagulingan (based on Mekar Bhuana founder, Vaughan Hatch’s, research of the past 20 years in Bali) before it was changed in the academic context. The reason that there will be no dance and only music is that we want to encourage today’s audiences to listen to and appreciate Balinese court-period music without the need to have any dance accompaniment.

    The performance will take place on the Angsoka stage at 11 AM.

    Drop by and check it out if you are in Bali at the moment!



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    Video Publications
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