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    Skype Lessons

    In 2012, we launched our remote learning programme via Skype. The first organisation in Bali to do this, for the past two years, we have been teaching Balinese dance online using audio and webcams.

    1E teaching Beatrice on Skype

    Now, in Indonesia the Internet connection is improving all the time and it is possible to have effective lessons with very little delay or deterioration in picture quality. Last year with a recently acquired 48″ Smart TV, started offering Balinese dance and gamelan instruction remotely, in both lesson and workshop format.

    Contact Us for further information about schedules and prices.


    Mekar Bhuana’s Interactive Semara Pagulingan Performance at Bali Arts Festival Fascinates Balinese Public
    “Who can tell us how many different types of semara pagulingan there are in Bali,” Vaughan quizzed the audience at Mekar Bhuana’s semara pagulingan performance


    1999 – 2000 Preservation of three Pacung Village, Gianyar style gender wayang instrumental pieces. This music was taught to musicians outside of Pacung to encourage


    Gongs in Bali Part III – what is characteristic about Balinese gongs?
    The two common types of materials for gong making are bronze and iron, with the former being more prestigious and therefore a lot more expensive.


    Video Publications
    In 2010, we produced the first DVD of Balinese court music ever filmed in a historic temple. This video documents rare court semara pagulingan music

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