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    Gender Wayang

    Gender Wayang
    The most intimate of all gamelan ensembles, Gender Wayang are usually played in a pair or a quartet with the musicians facing each other. This gamelan is soft-sounding and is used to accompany puppet shows, as well as wedding, tooth filing, and cremation ceremonies. This is considered to be the most technically demanding of all Balinese music. Our group plays several styles including Teges Kanginan, Sanur, Tabanan and Pacung, Gianyar. We have focussed, however, on preserving the Teges and Sanur repertoires. In 2008, our conservation of the Teges style was supported by an invitation to perform at the first world music festival in China, as part of Shanghai Expo 2010. Photos of our trip to Shanghai are on our Gallery page.

    Watch videos of our gender wayang quartet on our YouTube channel.

    You can take gender wayang lessons or workshops with us at Mekar Bhuana or remotely via Skype: enquire now. You can also hire our group for your event or special occasion.


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