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    Mekar Bhuana trip advisor

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    Mekar Bhuana Surroundings and Facilities

    Some pics of the surroundings and facilities at Mekar Bhuana

    Pelegongan Gangsa Lesson

    Mekar Bhuana instructor, Agus Jaya Negara, teaches rock guitarist of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame how to play the interlocking patterns of the kawitan section of Bapang Selisir on our antique pelegongan gangsa.

    Terompong Semar Pegulingan Lesson

    Mekar Bhuana instructor, Agung Bawa, teaches terompong semar pegulingan to private student from England, Yustia Bird. A fast learner, Yustia plays in the community gamelan group in London.

    Private Gamelan Workshop - Larry Rosenthal

    Photos taken after a 2-hour gamelan workshop, where Mekar Bhuana Co-founder and gamelan researcher, Vaughan Hatch, explained court gamelan ensembles, tunings and instrumentation to world-famous senior composer from San Fransico, Larry Rosenthal. Larry was also present with his family for Mekar Bhuana\'s regular Tuesday night gamelan practice. It is excellent to know that composers of this calliber are interested in rare and endangered Balinese gamelan traditions.

    Private Gamelan 2-day Workshop & Lessons - Korean Composers & Musicians

    August 2011 - Vaughan Hatch, AA Bawa and Agus Jaya Negara teach a gamelan workshop and lessons to Korean composer and virtuoso traditional musician, Seola Kim and her husband, music festival director and composer, Minsang Cho. Extremely fast learners, they were thirsty for knowledge and, in less than 48 hours, had a taste of gender wayang, rebab, kendang, rindik and gangsa pelegongan.

    Private Gamelan Lesson - Mother & Son from Adelaide, Australia

    Lightning-fast learners! This mother and son from Australia learnt interlocking patterns based on the Baris cycle in just one hour with our instructor, Agung Bawa.

    Adikarma Group from Malaysia - 8-day Dance Workshop

    Our 8-day intensive dance workshop that includes seminars, demonstrations, cultural tours and performances. This enthusiastic group from the University of Sciences in Malaysia learnt one female and one male dance.

    Student Group from Singapore - Half-day Gamelan & Dance Workshop

    This large group of 20 high school students from Singapore studied one hour of gamelan and one hour of dance. This programme included a demonstration and historical and technical explanation.

    Half-day Gamelan & Dance Workshop - Family Group from the US

    This family group from the US included professional musicians who learnt a lot in just a half-day workshop that included not only gamelan and dance lessons but also a demonstration and a brief dress up in headdresses and masks.

    Couple from the US - 1-hour Dance Workshop

    A one-hour dance workshop and explanation - a beautiful cultural experience memory for this artistic couple.

    French Students Studying Pendet

    Two friends from France get dressed up in traditional welcome dance costumes, then take a one-hour experience lesson with Mekar Bhuana founder and head dance instructor, Putu Evie.

    DVD Recording Session

    Video shoot at Maospahit Temple in Denpasar. Here we documented rare and extinct semar pegulingan music and added a gambuh dance component.

    Australian Children Learning Gabor

    Two enthusiastic children from Australia learning a welcome dance and then performing it in full costume for their parents.

    Guangzhou Performances 2010

    Our performances at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China in November 2010. Invited to represent Indonesia at the world\'s second largest sporting event, we presented rare and previously extinct art-forms.

    Preparation for Guangzhou 2010

    Practice sessions leading up to our performances in China.

    Pelegongan Documentation Project

    We are currently documenting a rare style of pelegongan music that is remembered by a senior guru in Sanur. These are some photos of our practices with Bapak I Wayan Mandra.

    I Wayan Diana teaching kendang cedugan

    Jornt from Holland is a professional drummer and teacher who booked lessons with I Wayan Diana online.

    Children Learning Dance and Puppetry

    Semara gives Alex, a young student from Australia, a dance lesson and a puppetry demonstration.

    Joged Performance

    Joged performance at a villa in Jimbaran for wedding

    Ngayah at Pura Sakenan

    Performance at Sakenan Temple, Serangan Island for Kuningan 2009

    Maha Bandana

    Our semar pegulingan group performing for the opening of the Maha Bandana Prasadha event in Denpasar.

    Buleleng Conference & Festival

    As part of the first North Bali Culture Conference & Festival, Vaughan Hatch was invited to present a seminar about preservation of gamelan in South Bali as a potential model for the North, and Mekar Bhuana presented a demonstration and performance of semar pegulingan saih pitu.

    Semara Pagulingan at Pura Dalem Alas Arum

    Performance for the gods of classical seven-tone semara pagulingan and pelegongan repertoire at Pura Dalem Alas Arum Sukawati, several days after we returned from Singapore (May 14, 2009).

    Recording Session

    Our recording session in the open air in front of Penyaringan Village Temple. This was for our debut album, available on our Recordings page.

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    Pelegongan with Dances

    A photoshoot of our antique pelegongan orchestra with several different dances. Shot under a huge banyan tree at Pura Dalem in Penyaringan, Sanur.

    Semar Pagulingan Practice

    Reconstruction of rare semara pagulingan pieces, including Gadung Melati, Jerbon, Semarandana, Sekar Gadung and Unduk

    Semara Pagulingan at Pura Agung, Sanur

    Videoshooting of our semara pagulingan troupe at Pura Agung, Sanur

    Performance at Mertasari Temple

    Our semara pagulingan troupe performing for the pleasure of the gods (ngayah) on the tenth full moon (April 9, 2009) at Mertasari Temple in Sanur

    Gender Wayang Performances in Shanghai

    Wayan Sadera (instructor and group leader), Wayan Sunarya, Nyoman Sudarsana and Komang Agus Juniawan, coordinated by Vaughan Hatch performing Teges Kanginan style of gender wayang at World Music Shanghai in May 2008

    Performances and Activities, 2002

    Pelegongan performance at Griya Gede in Mas, Ubud and semar pegulingan performance at Nusa Dua Festival, 2002

    Mekar Bhuana's First Performance

    Pelegongan procession and performance at Bali Arts Festival 2001. Informal recording of Legong Kuntul and one Bebarongan piece.

    Formation of Mekar Bhuana, 2000

    Formation of Mekar Bhuana, with casual practices on recently purchased pelegongan orchestra


    First MBA Performance!
    A small group of four musicians – Vaughan Hatch, Putu Evie, Gede Semara and Prana Gita – performed Baleganjur Bebarongan using six of the instruments


    1999 – 2000 Preservation of three Pacung Village, Gianyar style gender wayang instrumental pieces. This music was taught to musicians outside of Pacung to encourage


    Searching for Sekati – the Mystery of a Balinese Gamelan thought to be Extinct
    Bali has an astounding number of different types of gamelan ensemble, and that number is growing all the time as people create new types of


    Video Publications
    In 2010, we produced the first DVD of Balinese court music ever filmed in a historic temple. This video documents rare court semara pagulingan music

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