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Bali Je T’aime Mekar Bhuana’s new permanent sponsor and one of the leading villa rental businesses for both the affordable and the luxury market in Bali.

Bali Blog Interesting articles and tour and travel information about Bali

Gamelan Kori Mas bamboo ensemble from the US

Gamelan List

New Zealand Gamelan Community

Gareth Farr New Zealand composer

Yoka Sara Balinese architect and gamelan fan

Lila Cita Balinese gamelan group based in London

Living in Indonesia Expert advice for expats living in the archipelago

World Music Central

Travel in Bali Travel information about Bali

Medieval Music and Arts Foundation

Bali Creative Community

Indonesian Music (in Dutch)

Semara Ratih Balinese gamelan group from Ubud

Bali Advertiser Newspaper for Balinese expatriate community[:]

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