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    Appeal for Donations for Pelegongan Documentation Project

    Since the death of I Ketut Nagi last month, there is only one musician left in Banjar Singgi, Sanur (I Wayan Mandra who is nearly 70) who remembers the extremely rare pelegongan repertoire learnt in the 1950s from I Kecug of Kelandis. It is probable that many of these pieces were composed by either I Nyoman Kaler or Gusti Putu Geria, two of Denpasar’s most famous early 20th century composers. There are also several pieces by Lotring which are played in a completely different style from other villages. In Kelandis (many of you would have seen the gamelan on those wonderful 1930s legong clips and on the movie Legong – Dance of the Virgins), only two pieces from this repertoire remain and it is Banjar Singgi that retains the largest number of pieces (around 15 compositions).

    The musicians at Mekar Bhuana Conservatory plans to document this piece by engaging I Wayan Mandra to teach the pieces and then record two albums’ worth of music. This will take several months, so we plan to start straight away (this Sunday, July 11th). It is truly an emergency preservation project, and we have no funding to do this, so via this email we are appealing to the international gamelan community for financial support. This could be in the form of a donation, sponsorship, patronage or complete funding for this project. Even if we got 100 people donating USD20 each, that would help us get started on recording an album. Everyone in the international gamelan community would benefit from this because this rare music would be documented for posterity.

    If anyone or any organization/company/university is interested in sponsoring this worthwhile project, please contact me (info@balimusicanddance.com) off-list and I will send you our budget for this and how much we need to raise to document this rare music for future generations of Balinese and gamelan lovers worldwide. Donations can also be made via our website (www.balimusicanddance.com) by clicking the ‘Donate’ button.

    You can hear examples of the sound of our antique five-keyed pelegongan on our audio page: and there is some video of our recent pelegongan performance at the Bali Arts Festival on the Pesta Kesenian Bali Facebook Page; http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/video/video.php?v=1337383391099 ; http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/video/video.php?v=1336593931363 ; and http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/video/video.php?v=1337048782734

    Thank you one and all for your support!

    Vaughan Hatch
    Co-founder & Coordinator
    Mekar Bhuana Conservatory
    +62 (0)361 464 201
    +62 (0)81 999 191 104 / 6
    Jl. Gandapura III, no.501X
    Kesiman Kertalangu
    Denpasar, Bali

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