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    Family Selonding Group Fundraising Performance Series

    We would like to invite you to come to our family selonding group, Sekaa Selonding Semeton Fundraising Performance Series that runs until March 1st 2015 (every Sunday) at 7 pm!

    In March 2015, we plan to tour New Zealand to present Gede Semara’s compositions on archaic Balinese orchestra called selonding. An extremely rare form of gamelan music that has connections also with the kingdoms of Java from the 10th century. Not only is much of this music extinct, but the study of it is rarely undertaken as much of it is inaccessible or sacred.

    Inspired by Gede Semara’s ability to learn this music from documentation videos and entirely without a teacher when he was just 5,5 years old, Mekar Bhuana formed a family group called Sekaa Semeton Selonding (Selonding Family Group). Apart from learning compositions composed by Gede Semara when he was 6, we have studied more than 14 pieces of music from eight different Balinese villages in Karangasem and Bangli, including Bugbug, Ngis, Bungaya, Asak, Tenganan, Trunyan, Kedampal, Batur and Kedisan.

    By coming to one of Sekaa Selonding Semeton’s fundraising performance series, you are helping to get them to New Zealand to promote archaic Balinese music.

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