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    Mekar Bhuana Demonstration at North Bali Conference

    Mekar Bhuana conservatory has been invited to demonstrate rare semara pagulingan styles and the results of their preservation projects at the International Conference and Festival on North Balinese Culture to be held at the Bali Taman Hotel in Lovina, Buleleng July 30-August 2, 2009. The demonstration will be part of a talk on the preservation of rare Balinese gamelan music and instruments by ethnomusicologist and gamelan musician Vaughan Hatch. The group will present exerpts of pieces that have either been reconstructed from vintage recordings or taught to them by senior village guru. This will be the first time that Mekar Bhuana have presented these art-forms in North Bali. At the conference a number of groups from Buleleng will present both kebyar performances as well as demonstrations of older, sacred gamelan orchestras and ancient playing styles.

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