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    Mekar Bhuana now in New Location with Larger Premises

    With a move to Denpasar, just outside of Sanur, Mekar Bhuana is now on larger, spacious premises, dramatically increasing the conservatory’s capacity to hold group lessons, workshops, seminars, performances and events.

    The new location is in Banjar Kesiman Kertalangu, just 30 metres off the Sanur-Tohpati Bypass. It is very easier to find and even closer than their previous location in terms of time from the tourist centre of Sanur (only 5 minutes by vehicle). Ubud is only 30 minutes away and there are local amenities such as supermarkets and cheap food stalls and restaurants nearby.

    The new 550m2 premises is bright and welcoming, yet shaded in part under an elegant mango tree. There is ample parking space with a private driveway. Although, there is a large area for dance and gamelan practices, conservatory founders, Vaughan and Evie, plan to build a pavilion in the courtyard area, dedicated especially to the antique seven-tone semar pegulingan set, as well as a gender wayang / selonding pavilion. There is also a special archival space for their extensive collection of audio and video recordings.

    Students and guests to Mekar Bhuana have the option of on-site accommodation, which is fully air conditioned, with queen-sized bed, TV, WiFi, breakfast, optional meals and a laundry service. An added bonus is the large swimming pool which can be enjoyed after a long day of lessons or workshops. For larger groups, there are reasonably priced hotels within walking distance of the conservatory.

    Mekar Bhuana believes that the new strategic location and larger capacity will open access to a wider audience of Balinese gamelan and dance lovers; therefore greatly aid them on their mission of education, documentation and preservation of rare Balinese performing art-forms.

    Photos of the new location and facilities will be posted shortly on our website: www.balimusicanddance.com and also on FB: Mekar Bhuana Conservatory.

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