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    Mekar Bhuana Showcases Semar Pegulingan Court Music in Ubud this December

    Don’t miss our performance of rare Balinese court music on December 22nd at The Mansion, Sayan, Ubud. Our semar pegulingan troupe will present seven-tone repertoire from Kamasan, Klungkung (Puri Klungkung) and Pagan Kelod, Denpasar (Puri Denpasar). We will perform three Kamasan pieces and five Pagan Kelod pieces, including recently learnt Blandongan. Blandongan is one of the most difficult pieces in the Pagan Kelod repertoire because of its length and since it features modulation in and out of three scales.

    The musical recital will accompany a wonderful, multi-faceted art exhibition, featuring Kamasan style painting by maestros Mangku Mura and Mangku Ni Mura Nengah Muriati, and two young artists, Krina Flower and Casimiro Valentim.

    Exhibition opens at 6.30pm and recital starts at 7pm.

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