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    Address: Jl. Gandapura III, no. 501X
    Kesiman Kertalangu
    Bali - Indonesia
    Open 9 PM - 5 PM Monday - Friday
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    Performance for Porseni Tonight

    Catch our performance tonight (Sun 15th) around 7pm at Br Biaung, Denpasar for the closing ceremony of Porseni Desa Kertalangu. Our group will present several instrumental semar pegulingan saih pitu pieces, including a reconstruction of the Pagan Kelod version of Sumambang Jawa which was previously extinct. We learnt this difficult, yet exceedingly beautiful, piece in an unusual tuning (lebeng) from a 1977 field recording by Balinese researcher, Prof Pande Made Sukerta – thank you for helping us source rare and endangered music to bring to life once more!

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