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    Selonding Performances at the Bali Spirit Festival

    In late March, our family gamelan selonding troupe performed at Bali Spirit Festival as part of a VIP event at Arma Museum in Ubud. See the video. We presented repertoire from 6 different villages in Karangasem and Bangli, as well as compositions by young composer Gede Semara Richard (6 years), and an arrangement by Yayasan Selonding Bali Founder, I Wayan Astika. Mekar Bhuana Co-founder and Head Dance Instructor, Putu Evie, choreographed a new dance based on ancient movements for her son’s composition, Tinju Cak.

    Due to the success of this performance, the troupe was commissioned by an enthusiastic member of the audience to perform at a further spiritual event that took place a week later. This event was a rave success with members of the audience going into trance due to the atmosphere created by the music. Mekar Bhuana sold many CDs and DVDs, and captivated members of the audience gave additional donations to the troupe that will be used for further study of this ancient repertoire.

    On May 24 at 3-6pm Mekar Bhuana’s selonding troupe will perform again at their local banjar in Kertalangu, Denpasar (400m from Mekar Bhuana). Contact us for further details and also about commissioning our troupe for a performance.

    Our set is a duplicate of the set from Besakih Temple, the mother temple of Balinese Hinduism, and it is the first orchestra of its kind in South Bali. Since the blessing of the set in January 2012, Mekar Bhuana has immersed itself in serious study of this wonderful, rare music. Read more about this unique set of instruments and watch a video of the set being played at a Brahmin family temple in Sanur.

    Thank you for your interest and support!

    Mekar Bhuana Founders

    Vaughan Hatch & Putu Evie

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