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    Ubud Recital Great Success

    Our semar pegulingan troupe played to a good sized crowd at the opening of a painting and photographic exhibition at The Mansion last week. Even though dark skies loomed, the rain held off and the performance of eight court pieces were extremely well received. Mekar Bhuana founders, Vaughan and Evie were happy to get positive feedback directly from prominent Balinese including the Vice-governor, the Regent of Gianyar, Cokorda Ubud and Cokorda Peliatan. Hopefully we will be able to generate more support from the Balinese and Indonesian governments for our cultural heritage preservation efforts.

    At this event we took the opportunity to perform Tabuh Blandongan, a twenty-minute piece that consists of four long sections (pengawak) and five shorter sections (pengecet). Our terompong player for this piece was only fifteen, and is probably the youngest person who has ever learned and performed this difficult court piece from Pagan Kelod (originally Puri Denpasar style). Three audio samples are on our Audio page.

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