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    In Memorial

    ketut-cekig-in-memorialI Ketut Cekig

    Kak Tut passed away in 2007 at around 75. An expert in the semar pegulingan court gamelan, he was the only living musician and teacher from who could remember and play the repertoire that originated from the Denpasar Palace, which was razed to the ground in a confrontation with the Dutch in 1906. His spirit, patience and passion for old gamelan music is dearly missed and we hope that his knowledge style of playing will be conserved for many generations to come.


    I Nyoman Lontek

    Nyoman Lontek may have been a member of the Mekar Bhuana pelegongan group for around one year, however he was one of our keenest members. A disciplined and highly enthusiastic musician, noted for his speedy rindik playing, Lontek died young and will be dearly missed by our group.

    I Ketut NagiI Ketut Nagi

    I Ketut Nagi or known as Kak Nagi was our senior advisor for more than six years. He was the last musician from Banjar Singgi, Sanur who knew the classical gender rambat style that was passed on to their villages by a guru from Kelandis in the 1950s. The grandfather of Mekar Bhuana’s director and co-founder Putu Evie, he will be sorely missed.

    I Wayan Kelo

    An active teacher at Mekar Bhuana over a period of months in 2002, I Wayan Kelo was not only a maestro pelegongan musician and guru but also a composer in his own right. One of the last direct disciples of Lotring, Kelo, his death is a great loss to his home village of Kuta and to the old style of pelegongan music in general.


    Mekar Bhuana’s Interactive Semara Pagulingan Performance at Bali Arts Festival Fascinates Balinese Public
    “Who can tell us how many different types of semara pagulingan there are in Bali,” Vaughan quizzed the audience at Mekar Bhuana’s semara pagulingan performance


    1999 – 2000 Preservation of three Pacung Village, Gianyar style gender wayang instrumental pieces. This music was taught to musicians outside of Pacung to encourage


    Searching for Sekati – the Mystery of a Balinese Gamelan thought to be Extinct
    Bali has an astounding number of different types of gamelan ensemble, and that number is growing all the time as people create new types of


    Video Publications
    In 2010, we produced the first DVD of Balinese court music ever filmed in a historic temple. This video documents rare court semara pagulingan music

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