Current Projects

We are currently restoring Gender Wayang set #5 which consists of four instruments, but keys only as the original casings no longer exist. The keys were originally from a village just north of Ubud and have a very unusal tuning – although many of them are rather out of tune with each other. The slow and careful tuning process is almost complete but we need to raise funds to accurately reconstruct casings in the style of the 1700s as these keys are estimated to be around 300 years old.

Reconstruction of a Balinese gamelan ensemble lost to history: a Six-tone Semara Pagulingan.

Addition of a terompong to our Lombok-style Angklung set.

Building of the casings of caruk for our Caruk ensemble.

Planned Projects

We are in the process of trying to get funding to embark on a restoration project of a historic Javanese gamelan with Chinese connections and rare pakurmatan-style instruments that dates back to the early 1800s. View photos, videos and find out more information on this page of our website. Contact us to support this wonderful cross-cultural project.

We just completed reconstructions of the 1973 Kuta versions of Kapi Raja and Wayan Lotring’s Liar Samas. In August we made a live recording which we will release soon and a number of audio platforms. Watch this space for details!


We’ve been doing documentation, reconstruction, restoration and repatriation projects as well as performing and creating workshop and cultural immersion programs since 2000. Visit our extensive portfolio on our LinkedIn profile.

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