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    We offer a number of different workshop programmes for people who want to know about classical gamelan or dance in more depth. You can choose from one-hour, half-day, full-day or longer programmes (up to two weeks). We also handle special requests for study abroad/cultural immersion groups who need something custom made in terms of duration or content. All workshops include historical and technical explanations in either English or Indonesian by researchers and experts. Longer workshops feature slide-show presentations and educational materials. We are open 9 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday for workshop programmes.

    Accommodation, transfers, cultural tours, transport and food are options which can be included in any workshop programme.


    – Custom-made programme option

    – Natural and relaxed, non-touristic family based setting

    – Central location: 10 mins to Sanur Beach, 10 mins to city centre, 30 mins to Ubud and 40 mins to Kuta

    – Space to accommodate up to 40 students

    – Experts and instructors with research, academic and practical village-based backgrounds

    – English-speaking instructors

    – Choice of air conditioned studios or outdoor option in natural garden environment

    – Full-length dance practice mirrors

    – 10 different gamelan sets (4 of them antique)

    – Professional demonstration and easy to understand explanation

    – Electronic study materials

    – PowerPoint presentation on large-screen Smart TV

    – Private performances for large groups

    – Refreshments and Balinese snacks

    – Swimming pool for cool dip after lessons

    – Accommodation option in boutique hotel

    – Cultural tour option

    – Range of local and international food options nearby.

    View photos and video of past workshops that illustrate our satisfied participants from all over the world.

    Contact us for more details about programmes and prices.

    Read reviews about our workshops on Trip Advisor.

    Some comments from past workshop participants and travel agents:

    We all had a safe journey back to Malaysia. Personally I feel like all of you are my family when I in Bali…such a good and valuable experience when we were there…I really enjoyed learning at Mekar Bhuana and of course if there is any chance for sure we are going there again sometime….thank you again!” – Zainal, Adikarma Cultural Group – Malaysia

    Our US family group was so chuffed with the half-day workshop…with some of them being professional musicians and dancers, the in-depth explanations were most useful. They can now appreciate the time and energy it takes to learn Balinese gamelan and dance!” – Jan Mantjika, Jan’s Tours, Bali

    “The Singaporean students loved learning the gamelan so much, they wanted to try playing on the instruments at the hotel that night. Such an enthusiastic group – I’m sure they’ll be back for more…”– Tanto, Bali Holidays Online, Bali


    Mekar Bhuana’s Interactive Semara Pagulingan Performance at Bali Arts Festival Fascinates Balinese Public
    “Who can tell us how many different types of semara pagulingan there are in Bali,” Vaughan quizzed the audience at Mekar Bhuana’s semara pagulingan performance


    1999 – 2000 Preservation of three Pacung Village, Gianyar style gender wayang instrumental pieces. This music was taught to musicians outside of Pacung to encourage


    Searching for Sekati – the Mystery of a Balinese Gamelan thought to be Extinct
    Bali has an astounding number of different types of gamelan ensemble, and that number is growing all the time as people create new types of


    Video Publications
    In 2010, we produced the first DVD of Balinese court music ever filmed in a historic temple. This video documents rare court semara pagulingan music

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