Our Baleganjur set is around 40-50 years old and is made up of the following instrumentation:

1 gong ageng, 1 x reong, 3 pairs of ceng-ceng kopyak, 1 tawa-tawa, 1 bende, 2 kendang cedugan

We still need to add an additional gong, a kempur, a kempli and five more pairs of ceng-ceng kopyak to complete the set.

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Other Collections

Our Semara Patangian ensemble in New Zealand is unique because it is the only one of its kind outside of Bali with the old-fashioned key order and instrumentation.
Our first Semara Patangian (Pelegongan ) set is at Mekar Bhuana Centre in Bali. It is an antique, very complete ensemble that Vaughan Hatch acquired in 1999.
In 2019, we restored and reconstructed a very unusal Angklung set from Lombok we have called ‘Semara Kirang’ because of its tuning, where it has four sweet tones with the lowest one missing.
Purchased in 2015, our second Selonding set is based in New Zealand and is modelled on the Bugbug formation that has 48 keys. It is smaller than our more complete set in Bali and has a lower and different tuning. It is the only one of this type outside of Indonesia as all active sets overseas are based on the common Tenganan Pegringsingan model.
The Seven-tone Semara Pagulingan set in New Zealand also partly old but has a higher tuning than our one in Bali. The ensemble is both smaller in instrumentation as well as dimensions of the keys, pots and casings.
Our Six-tone Semara Pagulingan is not yet complete, as we still need to fundraise more to make the ornate wooden casings, the design of which we would like to base on the only other Six-tone Semara Pagulingan orchestra in the world.
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